Jeanne Rimsky TheaterPort Washington, NY, United States

Chris Pepe & Co. with Cousin Fungus

By Sticky Smelly Productions (other events)

Saturday, February 29 2020 6:30 PM 11:00 PM

For the 1st time on the same bill, headliners Chris Pepe & Cousin Fungus perform @ The Landmark on Main Street’s Jeanne Rimsky Theater in Port Washington, NY, on Saturday, February 29, 2020.  Doors 6:30pm/Show 7:00.


Cousin Fungus

Cousin Fungus is an original jam/rock band whose influences shine through their songwriting and live performances.  From jazz to bluegrass to reggae to the blues, CF dances their way through their diverse library of psychedelic, progressive compositions and renditions of classic tracks from the masters with energetic improvisation, passionate vocals, and catchy hooks played with precision and fervor.

The band is comprised of three brothers and a longtime friend. These four talents merge together, sometimes seamlessly in a smooth groove, sometimes soaring to explode in a climax, but always taking the crowd on a trip.

Starting in the mid 90’s as Stash, they were the preeminent Phish cover band of the day, drawing in rabid fans to get their fix of the Vermont foursome.  As the millennium turned, Stash matured into their own skin as Cousin Fungus, began building their original repertoire, and were one of the trailblazers of the jam band genre from which many of the contemporaries they played alongside emerged.


Chris Pepe

A self taught Singer & Musician, Chris Pepe has been writing and singing throughout his life.

Remote Viewer being Chris' first album release since 2000.
Remote Viewer is a culmination of Chris' own musical journey through space & time, with Influences from Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Rolling Stones, Pearl jam, STP, SoundGarden, & even the Motown sound. Each song on this Album has its own original atmosphere, from the Grungy Sound of FREE, to the Very Fast Punky tune DREAM, Chris Pepe travels musically through each genre to deliver his passion through each song.
Remote Viewer fully Recorded at Sabella Studios in Roslyn

The 2nd EP: StaR BiZarrE completed AUGUST 2018 with 5 New Original songs
written by Chris Pepe, and enhanced by Jim Sabella, Will Harris, Jake Navaro & Matt Godfrey

Produced By : Jim Sabella & Sabella Studios
© 2018 Copyright all rights reserved

3rd Album release OCT14 2019 Called (SUNSHINE SOUL)

Sunshine Soul is Chris Pepe's third EP in 2 years. With some of the original musicians Chris used on his 1st (2) albums and some new studio players Chris was able to capture the sound, the structure & arrangements he and the rest of the group were looking for.
This album is a bit heavier than the last 2 Ep' s, structurally Chris talent really shines not only musically but vocally as Chris really pushes himself and his voice to new heights. Led Zeppelin, RHCP, Pearl Jam, & Soundgarden being a tremendous influence on Chris and his songwriting is shown on the title track Sunshine Soul & Revolution. The song Fear, starts off with a back beat mountains type acoustic then quickly into a Pop-Rock genre. Rock N' roll Star sounds like Bad Company could have done this in the late 70's. The song Waste of Time a straight forward punk-like song is tight and right like a nicely tied bow, and to the point.